Outdoor Storage Sheds

Storage sheds are made of different materials and sizes - but almost always constructed in the backyard or next to a garden. These sheds are typically used for storing tools, supplies or used as workshops as a place to relax and pursue hobbies (often gardening).

Sheds come in many shapes, sizes, colors, etc. and can be personalized for each individuals preferences. Besides equipment and tools sheds generally house an assortment of items that most don't want kept in the house. Smaller sheds are often referred to as a "toolshed" which often have hooks and shelves to maximize storage space. Much larger sheds are often called "barns" and can house tractors, boats, and much larger items.

If you're considering buying a shed or building your own, make sure you check out our storage shed buying guide for expert advice and tips on choosing the right style, material, etc.

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