Rubbermaid Storage Sheds

Tough polyethylene shed keeps tools and equipment safe and out of the weather. Padlockable for added security. Panels assemble without tools in minutes. Slide Lid. Available in four options: Choose standard or heavy duty strength for either vertical or horizontal storage. Heavy duty sheds have structural foam flooring for added strength. Easy Assembly.

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Rubbermaid sheds are a quick and easy solution to your storage needs considering their size and customizing limitations. Typically you just order a rubbermaid kit from a retailer and put it together yourself. These sheds are considerably smaller in size and storage space than others, but if you don't need alot a space they are convenient and very reasonably priced.

Some key features to rubbermaid storage sheds include weather resistant material, and double wall panels. They even come with an angled entry floor ramp and the entire shed is easily assembled with basic tools. You don't need any construction knowledge to put on together. They come in several colors and typical cost anywhere from $500 to $800.
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